About us

Who we are

Taqnia Energy is a subsidiary of the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company (TAQNIA), which was established at the end of 2014, with its headquarters in Riyadh.

Taqnia Energy was launched with a clear mandate of developing and investing in bankable technology-focused opportunities within the energy industry.

As a key driver of the Kingdom’s energy transition, we are also playing an important role in the diversification of its economy, contributing positively to job creation and the localisation of emerging technologies.

Our work today covers the entire energy value chain, with a particular emphasis on renewable energy. We also have active interests in the enhancement of energy supply, energy efficiency, and energy storage solutions for peak energy demand and off-grid applications.

CEO’s Message

At Taqnia Energy, our vision is to be at the forefront of the technological innovation needed to deliver the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious energy and environmental goals.

Today, we are both working to enhance efficiency and value-generation across our existing operations by identifying synergies and adopting new technologies – but also closely linking our domestic growth strategy with the Kingdom’s own national strategies, which anticipate a growth in demand and increased deployment of new clean energy generation facilities in the coming years.

This success – and ambition – is built on a stable bedrock: our people. Taqnia Energy’s multinational workforce is made up of an impressive and diverse group of talented and dedicated specialists at all levels. We remain committed to attracting leaders in our field and to providing training, development and growth opportunities that build rewarding, long-term careers.

I would like to thank our entire community – customers, business partners, and employees – for their trust, commitment, and passion. At Taqnia Energy, we embrace the responsibility to deliver on our purpose, vision, and mission. And as our ambitious strategy sets an exciting and clear path forward for us, we look forward to continuing our journey together towards a bright, sustainable future.


To help make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the world’s reference for knowledge and innovation in the advancement of alternative energy solutions, and sustainable development.


To advance the development and adoption of bankable technology-focused opportunities within the energy industry to address the sustainability challenges of the KSA, the Middle East and beyond.