Renewable Energy

Power Generation

TE is investing and working on different small to Medium scales projects across the power generation value chain.

TE has activates in building the manufacturing capabilities to produce renewable energy components and parts.

Power Generation solution:

PV Modules

Annual Production Capacity: 100 MW

Fully automated

ISO 9001:2014 Certification

60 & 72 Cell Module Capability

Production start: October 2016

Customized off grid turn-key solutions

Turn-key solution, typically provides from 2 kW to unlimited power capacity.

Typical storage capacity ~500 kWh (depending on the battery technology)

A/C active cooling or free cooling

Several options for size and configuration

Distribution board with I/O connections and protections

Several options for sensors, fire suppression system, etc.


Patented anti-theft system

Environmentally-controlled system behavior

Patented filter-less air filtering system (maintenance-free)

Patented non-compression-based cooling system (maintenance-free)